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Inspired by sticky note doodles, Moment to Make encourages taking a break to make. Anyone at anytime is invited to grab a card and write or draw something to be shared. Everyone is encouraged to participate and have fun with it! 


Moment to Make started in the Austin studio as an installation in the Make Lab. The set up includes a gallery for the finished cards, a box to pick up and submit the cards, and some simple instructions. Bring Moment to Make to your studio!


Here are some fun and simple ways to use the cards and to get people making:

  1. Create a permanent installation like the Austin studio
  2. Host a workshop with the cards and allow people to take a break to make
  3. Create an internal card exchange, you make a card you receive a card


There are tons of ways to integrate Moment to Make into your studio. All you need is some card stock, a printer, and a way to document the finished pieces. 


Reach out to #spare-time-general on Slack or email to learn more about Moment to Make and find out how to get a Moment to Make starter kit for your studio! Check out the card submissions below.

Submit Finished Cards:

Moment to Make Gallery