Whether it’s because you want to keep your laptop festive, you have some designs you want to share with the world or you want to support your teammates artistic talents, a sticker exchange is a great way to share and receive stickers

So, what is a sticker exchange? The goal of a sticker exchange is for you to design a sticker, share it with a group and in return receive some amazing stickers. For example, if you had a group of 20 people, you would design one sticker, make 20 copies of it and in return would receive 20 different stickers created by your peers. Easy as that!

Stay tuned as we will soon post about how you can run a small sticker exchange at your studio, or you can join us as we coordinate the first IBM global sticker exchange. If you/your team is interested in participating in the global exchange or you have any sticker related question contact Jenny Hsiao Sanchez & Ryan Swedenborg. Should be noted that sticker exchanges are open to any IBMer. Developers, sales folks, designers, you name it! Stay tuned for more!

Jenny Hsiao Sanchez— chsanche@us.ibm.com
Ryan Swedenborg — rrsweden@us.ibm.com